Zoho Field Service Management (FSM)

Zoho FSM is a cloud-based, powerful application that gives you everything needed to manage field operations effectively in a single platform. These include service providers in industries like home services, HVAC, construction, utilities, healthcare, telecommunication, and security. From work order management, scheduling, dispatching, to invoicing and payments, Zoho FSM streamlines your field operations and elevates your customer service.

Zoho Field Service Management (FSM)

Why choose Zoho FSM?

Zoho Field Service Management (FSM)

With Zoho FSM, you can streamline every part of your field service company to reduce repetitive work and boost efficiency. On the other hand, field technicians have access to pertinent data to complete their assigned tasks swiftly and efficiently. No matter how big or small your team is, where you operate, the kinds of employees you have, or the services you offer, Zoho FSM is the perfect option to accelerate your business toward even greater success.

Effective Servicing

Zoho FSM provides all the tools you require to efficiently oversee field operations, all in one place. You can handle service requests and work orders, manage customer information, keep tabs on field agents, check schedules and dispatches, and choose the best resources to send out. Soho FSM also enables business owners to keep an eye on key performance indicators through detailed reports.

Zoho Catalyst - A Scalable Serverless Development Platform

Zoho Catalyst is a powerful offering that allows developers to create and run microservices and applications. Catalyst gives developers access to the same underlying services, technology, and frameworks that power Zoho’s 45+ applications. Zoho Catalyst is a reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure that provides developers with a comprehensive suite of no-code, low-code, and pro-code tools to build their own services and apps.

Zoho Catalyst - A Scalable Serverless Development Platform

Start your Serverless Journey with Zoho Catalyst

Zoho Catalyst provides a platform for developers to build and deploy innovative solutions without managing servers. And the best part with Zoho Catalyst, you don’t have to pay until you deploy the project to production. Here are the features that will power your ideas to innovations.

Compute with Catalyst

    Catalyst’s unified interface drives developer productivity by enabling them to access all necessary compute functions from a single location. The powerful command-line functions enable developers to build, test, and deploy. Catalyst supports the following compute functions:

Efficient Operations

Dealing with billing and payments can be a bit complex, often needing specific software, which can delay getting paid. Zoho FSM leverages the power of Zoho Finance Suite to handle all your invoicing and payment needs. This means you can easily transform work orders into professional invoices with just one click. Plus, you can track your inventory and identify the part used in each service. Zoho FSM comes with built-in reports to track field agents’ check-in and check-out times and monitor monthly revenue.

Efficient Operations with Zoho Field Service Management (FSM)
Design Circuits with ZOHO Catalyst

Design Circuits with Catalyst

    Circuits is a serverless function orchestrator by Catalyst Functions for your business-critical applications. Your developers can design custom functions and automate workflows in Catalyst. With concurrent or sequential executions of Catalyst Functions in a Circuit, developers can simplify tasks and eliminate all complexities. Take advantage of:

Self-Service Business Intelligence

Businesses need interactive data visualization capabilities with deep analytical insights. Zoho Analytics’ self-service BI platform provides a drag-and-drop feature to build an insightful data visualisation dashboard. Data insights are enhanced with powerful AI-augmented capabilities. Ask questions in natural language to Zoho’s smart AI assistant Zia and get NLG(Natural Language Generation) driven Zia insights.The power of machine learning in Zoho Analytics makes it easy to do smarter forecasting and scenario analysis.
Unparalleled Service Experience with Zoho Field Service Management (FSM)

Unparalleled Service Experience

Create an impressive customer service experience with Zoho FSM. The platform ensures seamless servicing through features like dispatching skilled field agents equipped for the task. The Dispatch Console equips your dispatcher with all necessary details for timely service, while mobile app access to inventory and required parts ensures technicians arrive prepared. Enhance service with customer preferences and history. Provide swift cost estimates and updates, with detailed estimates for quick approval. Use Automation to keep customers informed via SMS or email about request status. Foster transparency and trust with service reports that include ratings and feedback, serving as a vital link between customers and your company while measuring agent performance and satisfaction.

Catalyst’s Storage Services

    Catalyst provides scalable storage for both structured and unstructured data via File Store. It is a reliable, scalable, and secure file storage management tool. You can store image files, videos, and other user data files in any format and update or delete them when you want. The serverless storage solution is a hassle-free way to store files of your applications that you’re developing. File Store of Zoho catalyst offers:

The Zoho FSM Mobile App

Empower your field agents with the Zoho FSM Mobile App, available on Android and iOS. This app streamlines field tasks, eliminating unnecessary travel and paperwork for heightened on-field productivity. Agents can check in, check out, request leaves, and log time with ease. Improve planning by providing them visibility into their schedules, upcoming appointments, and service appointments. Push notifications keep agents informed about new assignments and job details. The app enables time tracking, including travel time, and generates comprehensive service reports with customer feedback. It even facilitates on-site payments and quick invoice creation. Agents can create follow-up work orders swiftly, catering to customer needs seamlessly. 

The Zoho FSM Mobile App

Integrate Intelligence in Your Apps

With Zoho Catalyst, your developers can access powerful intelligent tools like Automated Machine Learning, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Facial Detection, Object Detection, Image Moderation, Barcode Scanning, and Text Analytics. Your organization can solve real-world problems using intelligence powered by Catalyst’s serverless platform.

AnalyticsMarketplace & Apps

Zoho Analytics’ App Marketplace offers partner-driven analytics apps and domain-specialized analytics apps. There is an app available for all your business operations – sales, marketing, productivity, finance, and customer service. Complement your analytics journey with the apps you want fromthe Zoho Marketplace. Each app comes with custom-built connectors and extensionsfor deeper and faster analytics.
Customization and Automation with Zoho FSM

Customization and Automation

Zoho FSM taps into automation to streamline tasks and boost efficiency. This means you can swiftly respond to customer queries, provide timely work updates, manage inventory effectively, and simplify knowledge sharing. Workflow rules are like tailored instructions within a module, triggered by specific conditions you set. Field updates automatically adjust data in different fields based on certain conditions, while webhooks trigger actions from external apps. You can also establish email templates for notifications to your team or customers and even create custom functions for additional tasks.

ZOHO Catalyst - Web-Client Hosting

Web-Client Hosting

With Zoho Catalyst, you can create both static and dynamic applications on Catalyst and host them securely on the complete serverless platform of Zoho. With minimum latency, SSL-certified hosting, and auto scaling, host your websites and applications with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Integrations to extend Zoho FSM

Zoho FSM collaborates seamlessly with other Zoho applications and external apps, ensuring your business operates smoothly. It integrates with Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice to manage billing and payments. You can set up specific taxes and handle multiple currencies. Integrating with Zoho Inventory brings benefits like serial number tracking and simplified warehouse management. The Zoho FSM extension within Zoho CRM merges sales and service, allowing two-way record synchronization and contextual FSM views in CRM. Moreover, you can also integrate with third-party apps through Zoho FSM’s REST APIs.

Integrations to extend Zoho FSM
ZOHO Catalyst API Gateway

Catalyst API Gateway

    API Gateway empowers your applications and marketplace integrations. Zoho Catalyst serves as a proxy server for the APIs, making it easy to perform authentication, throttling, and creating and maintaining requests. You can even enable or disable API Gateway when you want. With Catalyst API Gateway, you get:

Conversational Analytics

Zoho Analytics Mobile BI apps give your teams the power to analyze and visualize data on-the-move. Zoho Analytics apps are powered by Zia. Speak with Ask Zia on the go and get deep insights as answers from anywhere, anytime. The mobile apps even make team collaboration easier and faster.

Get Started with First Direct Corp

Zoho FSM streamlines all aspects of field operations through automation, providing clear visibility to everyone involved, from field technicians and customer representatives to sales teams. Get started with Zoho FSM to streamline every facet of your field service business, reduce repetitive tasks, and boost overall productivity. Contact our Zoho experts to know how Zoho DSM can power your service business.

Zoho Analytics for Your Entire Business Operations

Zoho Analytics is built for every function in your business. Analyze any type of data in depth. Create data pipelines and go from raw data to insights into minutes. Zoho Analytics is designed for your:




Social Media

Help Desk

Project Management

Human Resources


ZOHO Catalyst - Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

APM helps you automatically monitor all four types of functions(Basic I/O, Advanced I/O, Cron, and Event). You can drill down component usage information, slowest performing components, and detect, diagnose, and resolve failures in your microservices. With Catalyst APM, you can:
Start your Serverless Journey with Zoho Catalyst

Other Services in Catalyst

    • With Catalyst, you get access to other out-of-the-box services including sign-up and authentication, push notifications, search indexing, and domain mapping, mobile analytics, ZCQL Console, push notifications, mailing, and more.

Get Started with First Direct

Zoho Catalyst is a serverless application development platform that enables any business of any size to quickly develop, test, deploy, and support apps and microservices, without worrying about infrastructure, server, and support. It gives the flexibility to automate and make development a serverless process. Get started with Zoho Catalyst to build your own apps and services using Zoho’s powerful infrastructure. Contact our Zoho experts to know how Catalyst can power your business.

Uncover Hidden Insights from Data. For Any Business Function.

Collaborative analytics

Create and analyze reports together with your team.

Pre-built visualizations

Get pre-built reports to start your analytics journey.
Data blending
Connect different sources for cross-functional analysis.

Smart analytical assistant

Ask AI assistant Zia and get answers in the form of reports & KPI widgets.

Embedded analytics

Embed BI, reporting, and analytics solutions within your own product or app.

Data Security and Privacy

Zoho data centres are SOC 2 Type II and ISO/IEC 27001 certified and GDPR compliant.

Why Zoho Analytics

Unified Business Insights

Unify business data across your organization from various functions like marketing, sales, support, finance, and more to discover end-to-end insights.

Augmented Analytics

Augment your data analysis with powerful artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing and generation (NLP/G).

Security and Governance

Your data is secure and safe with Zoho Analytics. Zoho Security Practices provide your business with support for data backup, confidentiality and privacy.

Scalability & Extensibility

Zoho Analytics is a scalable analytics platform. Zoho offers you a robust set of APIs, a wide range of analytics apps, and big data analytics.

Powerful Visualizations

You and your team get a variety of visualization tools including geo and image visualizations. Analyze and visualize data with contextual filters and many more.

Unlimited Integrations

Zoho Analytics has 500+out-of-the-box integrations for your business apps. Build a unified data analytics platform for your entire business operations.

Rated The Best

Zoho Analytics is The FIRST Choice of Businesses

Zoho CRM helps streamline your organization-wide sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management functions in a single system.

An all-in-one platform for customer engagement. Zoho CRM Plus gives your team 360-degree, contextual view of every customer interaction.

Zoho ONE with its six sets of applications is a revolutionary all-in-one suite to run your entire business. There are over 45 different applications included with Zoho ONE!

Zoho CRM helps streamline your organization-wide sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management functions in a single system.

An all-in-one platform for customer engagement. Zoho CRM Plus gives your team 360-degree, contextual view of every customer interaction.

Zoho ONE with its six sets of applications is a revolutionary all-in-one suite to run your entire business. There are over 45 different applications included with Zoho ONE!