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Unified Solution vs Integrated Apps- Which is a Better Solution for You-min

Unified Solution vs Integrated Apps: Which is a Better Solution for You

Software applications that are used to run various business processes play a vital role in building a successful workflow model and achieving desired outcomes. Given the abundance of software applications available, how do you select the best solutions for your business? Is it better to choose the best-of-breed systems from different vendors and integrate them? Or, is it wiser to invest in a comprehensive, unified software suite?

In this blog, we’ll explore when it makes sense to invest in different solutions that can be integrated well and when having a unified business operating system would be a better choice for your business. Read on to learn more.

What is application integration?

In a general sense, app integration is the process of enabling cloud apps and/or on-prem systems to communicate with one another. Integration is the most realistic way to derive value from multiple software components. Application integration acts as a gateway that allows collaboration across business applications so that your data is always consistent and secure.

With application integration, you can enter data once and connect it to multiple applications instead of entering the same data as many times as you have applications.

Why is application integration important? 

Application integration is valuable for your organization and here are the reasons worth highlighting:

  • Different departments and lines of business can collaborate more effectively
  • Integration prevents costly errors
  • It boosts employee productivity

Why is application integration important

Examples of application integration

To give you a better sense of how application integration can work, let’s walk through a couple of use cases.

1. Integrate CRM and Marketing Software Your marketers use a marketing application to execute drip campaigns that build interest among prospects. You want to purchase a new customer relationship management (CRM) platform for your sales reps that connects with your marketing tool. You get Zoho CRM and integrated it with your marketing software. Once the apps are integrated and the data is moving between them in real-time, sales reps can learn exactly when a prospect’s lead score reaches a level at which they’re sales-ready.  

2. Integrate ERP and Accounting Software You have an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system (e.g. NetSuite) but need a business accounting platform (e.g. Zoho Finance Plus) to manage client invoices and business accounting with greater ease. Once integrated, you can set up a simple workflow that notifies colleagues in finance—via your business accounting platform—when a client is late on a payment.

Zoho offers powerful integrations 

With Zoho, you can now deeply integrate your application with an array of third-party services, in addition to the Zoho business suite of products.

In the Zoho Integrations Marketplace, there are 1000+ ready-to-use extensions for Zoho products.

G Suite Integration: There are over 70 integrations across 25+ products available between Zoho and G Suite.

G Suite Integration Zoho Marketplace

MS Office Integration: Zoho CRM for MS Office lets you easily integrate all your MS Office documents with your Zoho CRM account.

MS Office Integration Zoho Marketplace

Zoho Telephony Integrations: Integrate your telephony system like RingCentral, Ignite, Twilio, and more with Zoho to add a layer of features and functionality for fast and efficient customer service.

Zoho RingCentral Integration: Integrate Zoho with RingCentral to help your sales and support teams to better handle calls and customer service.

Unlike best-of-breed, multiple-app integration, a unified system is a single platform that centralizes all your modular solutions. A unified business application suite brings multiple teams and departments together, making sure communications are aligned and teams can collaborate effectively.

With application integration, you can easily sync multiple apps and put a better system into place. However, over time, challenges like syncing historic data and finding the right software integrations begin showing up. In the long term, you may require a robust business operating system that is effective in providing a unified view of your business.

Zoho One – Unified Solution for Your Business

Zoho One - Unified Solution for Your Business

With Zoho One’s operating system for business, your unified suite ensures your business processes will run like clockwork. Zoho One offers 50+ applications in one suite to help you create specialized workflows, and automate your business processes. With Zoho One, you can:

Best of Both Worlds – Unification and Integration

Best of Both Worlds - Unification and Integration - Zoho Marketplace

Zoho One offers the best of both worlds – a unified solution and integrated apps. How? With Zoho One, you get access to 50+ business apps that have powerful integration capabilities and you get everything with an all-in-one licensing model at an unbelievably affordable price.

Zoho One includes a powerful toolkit to customize, extend, and integrate our software to fit your organization.

  • Create custom integrations between Zoho and third party-apps.
  • Extend Zoho apps with custom functions.
  • Create custom, low-code apps for unique processes with Zoho Creator.

That’s why Zoho says Zoho One is the Operating System for Your Business

Zoho One has best-of-breed applications crafted by Zoho. Your data flows seamlessly through multiple applications, making it easier for you to establish a workflow that benefits your business. You can even integrate apps, add extensions, or create your own apps. With centralized data and a personalized interface, you can focus on improving your operations without the hassle that comes when you use a suite or breed. 

zoho operating system for your business

You grow with Zoho and Zoho grows with you!

Zoho gives you flexibility. You can simply start with Zoho CRM and integrate it with your existing applications. As you grow your business and your technology needs evolve, you can adopt other Zoho applications. Integrate all your Zoho applications or make the most out of your tech investment with an all-in-one business suite – Zoho One.


There are benefits of both models – integrating applications or using a unified solution. With Zoho, you don’t have to choose between these two models. You get the flexibility to integrate Zoho applications with apps you already have or you can have one unified operating system for your business – Zoho One.

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