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What’s New in Zoho CRM's Canvas Builder 2023

What’s New in Zoho CRM’s Canvas Builder 2023

The Zoho Canvas Builder is a powerful CRM design suite loaded with sophisticated design elements. Recently, Zoho has introduced the newest set of enhancements to the Canvas Builder. The suite of improvements outlined below has been developed to provide you with elevated flexibility and control over your CRM design:

Watch the video on how to create your own CRM design using these new features.

1. Enhanced Tab Component

Discover an effortless way to tailor tab orientations, redefine tab names, strategically position tab icons, and revel in improved tab navigation controls. 

Enhanced Tab Component Zoho CRMs Canvas Builder 2023

You can seamlessly configure tab orientations, including horizontal top and bottom, and vertical left and right.

Effortlessly modify tab names with a simple double-click action, and promptly save changes by hitting the Enter key. Relocate tab icons to the top or left through the tab item context menu. Merge or separate tab navigation icons for enhanced control.

2. Builder Zoom Functionality

The Builder Zoom feature within Canvas Builder gives you better command over the magnification level of your builder area. Here are the diverse methods through which you can engage in zooming activities:

Builder Zoom Functionality in Zoho CRMs Canvas Builder 2023

a. Pinch Zoom: On touch-enabled devices like trackpads or touchscreens, employ the pinch zoom gesture by placing two fingers on the screen. Draw them closer to zoom in and farther apart to zoom out.

b. Command + Mouse Wheel: Mac users can hold the command key while scrolling the mouse wheel to zoom in or out, akin to Windows users using the control key.

c. Command + Plus (+) and Command + Minus (-): Utilize these keyboard shortcuts (Mac) or their Windows equivalents to seamlessly zoom in and out, respectively.

d. Zoom Dropdown: Unveil the convenience of a zoom dropdown menu located in the canvas-top container. Access predefined zoom options like 50%, 100%, 200%, and fit to screen for optimal sizing of your dartboard.

3. Radius Handlers

Elevate your design’s aesthetics using the four circular radius helpers that empower you to personalize section corners. These helpers facilitate the creation of rounded corners for modern and visually appealing designs.

Radius Handlers in Zoho CRMs Canvas Builder 2023

Modify the radius by intuitively dragging the corresponding handler inwards or outwards. This gesture allows you to seamlessly adjust the radius value, granting you precise control over corner curvature.

Achieve uniformity by applying the same radius value to all section sides, or embrace creative freedom by assigning distinct values for individual sides.

4. Width/Height Indicator

Experience precision in the Canvas Builder through the width/height indicator. Upon selecting an element, the width and height measurements are prominently displayed below the selected box.

This indicator ensures meticulous control over the component size and dimensions by delivering exact measurements for the selected element.

5. Enhanced Builder UX/UI

Navigating through the Canvas Builder becomes a visually captivating and user-friendly task, thanks to the following enhancements:

Enhanced Builder UX_UI in Zoho CRMs Canvas Builder 2023

a. Visual Appeal: Embark on an enriched visual journey with an array of new color options for backgrounds, borders, and text elements. Immerse yourself in a realm of customization possibilities to craft remarkable and distinctive designs.

b. Streamlined Style Tab: Navigate the enhanced style tab, now featuring tool containers for improved organization. Hover effects facilitate seamless tool selection, elevating the user experience.

c. Revamped Slider Tool UI: Expect a smoother and more intuitive experience while working with sliders. These updates ensure effortless adjustments of values and settings.

6. Advanced Color Picker

The Color Picker receives an advanced boost, allowing real-time color adjustments with instant updates. Dragging or altering colors within the picker triggers immediate updates to the selected element’s color value. Achieve flawless color schemes effortlessly.

7. Tool Usability Refinements

Enhancing tool usability within the Canvas Builder has been a priority, leading to the incorporation of the following features:

Tool Usability Refinements in Zoho CRMs Canvas Builder 2023

a. Drag-Adjust Text in Input Boxes: Modify text element values with ease by directly dragging text within input boxes. Seamlessly adjust text measurements in pixels or percentages.

b. Increase and Decrease Input Values: Effortlessly adjust input values by dragging text in different directions within an input box. Move right or up to increase, and left or down to decrease. This intuitive interaction streamlines the fine-tuning of element measurements.

c. Real-time Style Updates: Witness instant style updates as you modify selected element properties, such as input values. Dragging text or adjusting input values triggers real-time updates to the element’s appearance, ensuring accurate adjustments for your desired aesthetic.


These enhancements to Zoho CRM’s Canvas Builder will empower users with seamless customization and refined control over their CRM designs. Bring your ideas to life with the industry’s first CRM design studio.

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