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Zoho Milestones_ A Testament to Success and Growth

Zoho Milestones: A Testament to Success and Growth

Zoho Corporation, a global technology powerhouse, has consistently proven its mettle in the tech industry. Recently, the company announced that it has crossed $1 billion in annual revenue worldwide, proudly empowering more than 100 million users. This achievement signifies not only the company’s financial success but also the tangible value its solutions bring to users worldwide.

Zoho’s Operating System for Business

Zoho offers 50+ best-of-breed applications that allow you to manage all aspects of your organization, even the smallest needs of your business. 

Zoho applications have powerful integration capabilities and you get everything with an all-in-one licensing model at an unbelievably affordable price. 

Zoho’s Operating System for Business

You get the flexibility to integrate Zoho applications with apps you already have or you can have one unified software suite – Zoho One.

That’s why Zoho is the operating system of your business because it brings together various apps, services, and features into one unified platform.

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R&D and Innovation

Zoho spends more in Research and Development (R&D) as compared to its competitors. On average, Zoho puts 60% of its revenue back into R&D. Many competitors of Zoho spend much more on marketing.

Zoho is gearing up to double its funding for cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain and artificial intelligence. 

Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corp., mentioned that Zoho has an impressive innovation pipeline covering the next 10 years. Zoho is investing in deep technologies to serve billions of users around the world.

The fact that Zoho puts customers before profits, invests so heavily in R&D, and offers a diversified product portfolio serves as a testament to its significant milestones.

The Zoho User Base – 100+ Million Users

One of the most significant indicators of Zoho’s success is its expansive user base. Zoho celebrated reaching 100 million users across its 55+ business applications, achieving this milestone after crossing the $1 billion annual revenue mark. This achievement is a testament to the trust that users place in Zoho’s suite of products.

Zoho Marketplace – 1800+ Extensions Available

Zoho Marketplace is another avenue through which the company has excelled. Offering over 1,800 ready-to-use extensions for 27 Zoho products, it has empowered 800,000+ business users to enhance their operations. These extensions enable users to automate tasks, optimize workflows, and boost productivity, making Zoho an indispensable tool for businesses.

Zoho Marketplace - 1800+ Extensions Available

Zoho Marketplace has reached a significant milestone with 1 million installations, welcoming 6M website visits and 30K average monthly installations.

Zoho Marketplace has reached a significant milestone with 1 million installations

Transnational Localism

Zoho’s approach to Transnational Localism involves opening hub-and-spoke offices in small cities and strengthening local economies. 

This means that when Zoho opens offices in a country, it ensures that it supports local languages, hires locally, and partners with local governments and organizations. Zoho includes pricing models specific to the local country.

Over the past 2 years, Zoho has already opened hub offices (or will soon have offices, yet to be announced) in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, South Africa, and Egypt.

With the goal of global expansion, while maintaining a regional focus, Zoho is planning to establish 100 network PoPs (Points of Presence) worldwide over the next five years. This will help Zoho deliver a faster and more robust network experience for its users. 

Zoho operates a network of its own data centers, with a current count of 12 facilities located across the globe. Complementing this infrastructure are approximately 14 network PoPs, specially configured to run Zoho’s proprietary software. 


Zoho’s milestones are not just signs of success for the company; they are a testament to the value its solutions provide to users. As it continues to grow and innovate, Zoho remains committed to making technology accessible, affordable, and empowering for businesses worldwide. This journey is a shared success story, where Zoho’s triumphs are intertwined with those of its users and partners. 

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Zoho is committed to continuous refinement and transforming the way businesses work. It invests more in product development and supports local economies through transnational localism. It is these qualities in Zoho that attracted First Direct to become a Zoho Authorized Partner. 

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